A Witch’s Hat and a Cute Dinosaur!


Some time ago I had an idea to put a bunch of already purchased fall and Halloween projects in a basket for easy access. Click here to view: Basket

So, what progress have I made? Not a lot! But about a month before Halloween I started working on a Twist Halloween Witches Hat. I had purchased  the pattern a couple of years ago at a Quilt Show in Madison. Basically I started by sewing together 5″ squares in a specific order. You get a general idea of the shape of the Hat at that point. From there you take the Twist Ruler/Template and cut around it by placing the lines on the template over the intersecting seam lines. After that the pieces get sewn back together to make a fun design. While this is an easy enough project, somehow I wasn’t really into it! When I am not fully invested in a project, it generally takes me a bit longer to complete, as I kind of just poke at it every now and again.


The piecing part is done. I used some fall scraps I had, and then dug into my stash for the purple and green borders. wpid-20151028_180129.jpg

It is not quilted, and it is not bound, but as least it is still not in the basket! It now hangs with my “to be quilted” backlog!!

Next up from the basket???? Well maybe there will be a Thanksgiving Table Runner. I will see about whether or not that makes the cut this year. There are some other projects that might just have to come ahead of it.

Cute Dinosaur Siting!!

We arrived just in time to see our Grandson finishing up his trick or treating. I got him to stop just long enough for a quick picture. The cold and wet did not slow this dino down!wpid-20151031_175455.jpg

Progress is being made on a couple of other quilts specifically my Mystery Quilt that is going from not good to loving it! I will share more on that next time!




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