Sometimes Things Need to Change Part II


A few months ago I had posted about a quilt that was going to make a metamorphosis into something new:

Sometimes Things Need to Change Part I

At times, without mentioning any names, there are people in my home that are well, home. This means I cannot begin to think I can work on certain top secret projects when they are home. So, I pull out something else to work on when they are there.

I don’t know that this Christmas quilt will make it to my bed this year for Christmas, but I can hope! This revamp got started back in August when Luanne and I went camping. This is where I last left off:wpid-20150821_113541-1.jpg

Since then I have added the Squares and Triangles to surround the star and give me another chance to do “Y Seams”! This called out for a dark border to frame the center.  I had a bunch of pieced blocks that measured about 4 1/2″ . I spent a little time arranging them to make some sort of sense or add a design element


Let’s talk about the center for a second… I randomly took one of the 4 1/2″ finished blocks and put it on top of the center of the star. It adds detail and will become a part of the quilt. I think this will get machine blanket stitched down to add a fun element.


Then.. do you see how the 2 star points kind of fade into the background? What to do? I pulled out the same diamond template that I made the star points with. I took that to a couple more leftover finished blocks and cut them in a way that the points would become the most pronounced – dark fabric at the point. These will also be appliqued down.


I am currently working on a little something fun for the corners on this border. Something to give it a little bit of a pop! Following that.. who knows? I am feeling the need to do something with curves of some sort to mix it up! Waiting for it to come to me!

Stay Tuned!


Sometimes Things Need to Change Part I

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