The Mystery of the Missing Parts and Sewing Some Curves


For the most part I would have to say that it was a very quiet and productive weekend. I did not end up working on what I had fully intended to…and sometimes that happens! I thought that I would spend the majority of 2 days sewing and quilting on the longarm. As is turns out this overwhelming desire to clean out my kitchen cabinets took over. The cabinets I have avoided for so long.. it happened! What a sense of satisfaction! Ya just have to go with it when the mood hits, because it might not happen for a long, long time! In the midst of my work, I must have gone into my sewing room and accidentally left this pet gate open:


I do not have puppies, but at times they certainly act like it. I see pictures that other quilters post of their beloved cats and dogs laying in their scraps and on their quilts. Curious cats at sewing machines. Dogs laying frightfully close to the foot pedal for the sewing machine. A companion in the sewing room. NOT! Not my dogs for this reason: 4 parts went missing! One was so soggy that it went into the trash, and another was pretty gross and distorted. See the good and the bad:


2 gone forever! And the culprit is right here:


She is a sweet girl, but can’t resist Kleenex, paper towel, toilet paper, napkins… and my fabric! While I don’t want my pieces to go missing, I am more concerned about what it could do to her intestines. This is something I take seriously as I have had a dog get into the laundry hamper, eat something that wrapped itself around her intestines, and we lost her. So, the gate is not there because I don’t want to share my space with my pets. It is there because I can’t share the space for their own good! Too mischievous!

On Sunday I was able to continue working on my Christmas Quilt.


This involved sewing some curves. My 1935 Featherweight works so well on curves!

I made 4 blocks like this:


These are for corners on a quilt border. At one point I took all 4 blocks and put them on my design wall. I liked the combination of the blocks together and the new design they form. I like it so much that I intend to do this on a future quilt! I think they would make a great center.


Grateful for a nice weekend!


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    • It’s a great template, but not sure if I would want to do a whole quilt with it… but it does lend itself to doing some modern artsy stuff too… another challenge!


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