It Started With a Pair of Boots…




Yesterday was one of our more “headed into winter” type days. Cold, drizzling and blustery. I am finally starting to wrap my head around the fact that I need to wear socks and shoes everyday. I went to the local TJMaxx at lunch with boots and gloves on my mind. Not winter boots, but the kind I could wear with jeans or leggings. I was successful on all fronts. Gloves, scarf and boots! However the boots kind of call out for a knit cuff. The hunt led me to Ravelry, and a search for a free pattern. As I was not looking for complicated I stayed away from cable designs. I came across this pattern from Simply Notable by Julie Tarsha.


Yarn? Down to the bins in the basement to find a wool I had spun sometime ago. Size 6 DPN’s (needles) and my yarn bowl. My daughter Sarah had seen this on one of my Pinterest Boards and gifted it to me. So nice not to have the yarn rolling about .


It had been so long since I had knit anything, that I actually forgot momentarily how to cast on! I am better than half way done with one, and am thinking that I may not do as many repeats as required. The yarn I am working with is a bit heavier, and it is knitting up a little quicker. My end result will not be as defined because of the yarn, but I am pleased.



Nope, Not a quilt, but certainly Fiber Related!

Happy Weekend!


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