“Stevie” the Crocodile, Busy Elves and More…


Yesterday was a great day!

In the Morning I headed to the Wisconsin Quilt Museum in Cedarburg. Susan Carlson gave a lecture on her work on the 22 foot long Crocodile Quilt. I really looked forward to hearing more about this beautiful work and the process she used to create it. She did not disappoint. There were enough attendees to fill the  gallery in the barn, in the midst of the exhibit. Susan gave a fantastic presentation with pictures of her work as it progressed. This was followed by a Q and A session, and the opportunity to get a book of hers signed. (oh yes I did!) Susan will be teaching in September of 2017 at the museum. I sure hope it works out to attend, as I was very inspired!

“Stevie”  –


This piece was also stunning, both from a distance and close up:20151210_115319.jpg

20151210_115304.jpg20151210_120637.jpg20151210_120625.jpgAfter a couple of errands on the way home, inclusive of a stop at Wendy’s for Bacon Fondue Fries (awesome!), I got a few tasks done and found some time to read Susan’s book titled: Serendipity Quilts. So inspiring and I look forward spending time playing with fabric using these techniques.

Luanne then arrived with her bag of projects and pizza! We enjoyed a fun evening listening to some Christmas Music, sewing, and quite a few laughs!!

And, yes, the fur flew! Everywhere. I bet there is some in my lunch bag.. why not? There was some inside my winter coat which was no where near the scene of the fur!


Here’s to more good days! Grateful!

Happy Weekend!

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