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There are two things that I absolutely love about quilting.  The first is starting a new quilt. It is so fun to pour through my stash, finding fabrics I had forgotten I had, imagining what the new quilt will look like, and trying out new techniques. It’s all so exciting to begin.  Then there is the second thing I love, finishing!!  I adore sitting watching a movie while I hand stitch the binding down.  The quilt that I imagined, and then brought to life, having spent hour upon hour cutting and piecing is finally done.

Today I want to share with you a quilt that has taken many years to be completed.  I think I spent a year or so collecting fabrics.  Looking for the perfect pieces at quilt shops and shows, coming home and adding it to the bin of fabric I had put aside for this quilt.  Hour upon hour was spent cutting and labeling all the pieces, and finally stitching it together.  Once together it needed to age a bit while I pondered quilting it.  This quilt intimidated me.  I loved the top so much, I didn’t want to ruin it with my less than perfect machine quilting.  I finally decided to take the plunge and begin.  I know a long arm quilter may have been able to do a more perfect job than me, but it was my baby, and I wanted to finish it myself. I am pretty pleased with it and can’t wait to put it on my bed!image

The pattern  for this 92×92 inch quilt came from Judy Martin’s book Scraps.  The pattern name is Fanfare for the Heroes.  According to my calculations it has 2435 individually cut pieces.  Judy Martin stresses accuracy in cutting as well as piecing.  If you cut accurately and perfect your scant 1/4 inch seam, anything is possible!  She also has a tool called a point trimmer that helps you line all these angles up correctly.  It really did make the piecing of this quilt so much easier.image

I really do love this pattern designers work.  The patterns stretch my ability and really help me grow as I learn new techniques.

So, now another quilt is complete. Where does that leave me now?  I am certainly busy, that’s for sure!  I will be sharing more about these very soon.  Until then I will be enjoying the satisfaction of this finish.


Mid February Already!


There has been a lot of silence and crickets from my neck of the woods over the last few weeks. So what has been going on in my world?

Flooring Finished! Our poorly timed project is done! The holidays are not a good time to try to take on this type of project. We had the time off and thought it would be good to put this on the agenda. Bottom line.. too much stress, especially if you are hosting the holiday at all. Lesson learned and hopefully not to be repeated!

Holidays! Worked hard, Great time with Family and then some down time to sew and relax. All good!

Quilting! Oh yes I have been! I successfully finished piecing the Collaboration Quilt – which will get it’s own post soon. A small Spider Web throw was made using this template and the largest size option. There were scraps left over, and for me this always presents a challenge! I used the very same Spider Web template to create these smaller kaleidoscopes. I started adding in pieces of an older quilt that was never finished – the pastels. Cut it Up!! This is where it is at on the design wall:


Sewing! I have been doing a little garment sewing. This is something that I have always dabbled in. Now it is about getting the best fit and making something fun! I downloaded this Class by Marcy and Katerine Tilton from Craftsy:


And here was my end result:


KonMari! This book:



A hot bed of excitement all over the place! Can it be life changing? Well I think so! So far, I have completely gone through all of my clothing, organized drawers and the closet. Everything folded in such a way that I can open a drawer and see exactly what I have. This aspect of my life feels less stressful. I (almost) look forward to doing the laundry and putting things back in a meaningful way. Numerous other spots have been gone through and I am learning to really only keep what “brings me joy”. I have started on the very daunting basement. I have miles to go, but have had a great start. Three trips so far to donate unwanted items AND the sale of a sewing machine and old stained glass supplies! This feels very successful.

All the quiet here, does not mean I have been still!!

Enjoy the day!



Back In The Saddle


I have been away from both quilting and the blog for quite some time.  My sewing room had become a bedroom for my son and daughter in law while they were in the process of buying their first home.  They are now happily settled in, and I am back in my sewing room!!

Moving everything back in gave me a chance to set it up a bit differently than before.  It is now more user friendly I believe.  I set it up so one of my machines can be used for free motion  quilting and the other is set up for piecing.  I like to go back and forth between the two, it gives my muscles a break from wrangling a queen sized quilt on my domestic machine as I free motion quilt it.  It also keeps me from getting bored with just one project as I think I have quilting ADD.imageMost mornings I get about an hour in my room before work, then again I spend my evening in here as well.  Housework usually gets neglected until I just have to get on top of it again.  Soon I will share with you the quilts I am completing, along with other exciting news happening this spring!

Until then you will find me sequestered away, happily sewing, or just looking fondly at all my fabric and imagining what I will do with it.