Back In The Saddle


I have been away from both quilting and the blog for quite some time.  My sewing room had become a bedroom for my son and daughter in law while they were in the process of buying their first home.  They are now happily settled in, and I am back in my sewing room!!

Moving everything back in gave me a chance to set it up a bit differently than before.  It is now more user friendly I believe.  I set it up so one of my machines can be used for free motion  quilting and the other is set up for piecing.  I like to go back and forth between the two, it gives my muscles a break from wrangling a queen sized quilt on my domestic machine as I free motion quilt it.  It also keeps me from getting bored with just one project as I think I have quilting ADD.imageMost mornings I get about an hour in my room before work, then again I spend my evening in here as well.  Housework usually gets neglected until I just have to get on top of it again.  Soon I will share with you the quilts I am completing, along with other exciting news happening this spring!

Until then you will find me sequestered away, happily sewing, or just looking fondly at all my fabric and imagining what I will do with it.





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