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Easter Monday



We enjoyed a calm and peaceful Easter at our place. Tasty foods were prepared, and the house was whipped into shape (as much as possible) all the while listening to old Gospel Music.



We were a gathering of six, and I think there was enough food for many more! We are quite blessed that our daughter Tori and her husband Jeff were gathered along with Jeff’s Mom and Dad. Jeff’s Mom is also a quilter, so it was fun to share what we have been up to. She is venturing into doing some machine embroidery, something she has always wanted to do. Can’t wait to see what she does!

I woke up yesterday morning dreaming of how I was going to quilt this Kitchen Sink Quilt.


After taking my Free Motion quilting class, I have many ideas swirling through my head. Need to get a move on!! I now have five quilts that I want to get quilted before mid May. A bit ambitious of a goal, but am going to give it my best!

Hoping to show some quilting progress here soon!


Happy Easter?


Today we woke up to a winter wonderland!


The view from my kitchen window at sunrise were these beautiful ice covered trees.


While it might not be conducive to an outside Easter Egg Hunt, I am grateful that this was a part of my morning. Blessed to have seen it.

May your Easter be Blessed,


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Lots of Lessons Learned


20160317_103023.jpgMy get away to take Freemotion Longarm Quilting Classes were very successful. I learned a ton and am very anxious to apply some of that new found knowledge to my quilts. 20160317_103036.jpg

I arrived last Wednesday in Janesville. This was a solo trip for me. I didn’t know another soul taking the class. I got off the elevator on my way out to grab some dinner, and a woman stopped me. She asked if I was with the quilting group. Whew, a person with a like interest to dine with!! We enjoyed a nice dinner and even some quilt show and tell that evening.

Our first day of learning was with an enthusiastic woman named Cathy Franks . Cathy taught a plethora of techniques for use in free motion. We practiced on Gammill machines that were set up for our use. We learned some no math methods of learning how to mark a quilt, from stencil to pens, paint etc. She said if we made a mistake that it was God’s way of telling us to be more creative! A very informative and freeing kind of class. She was happy to share her knowledge and gave great advice, not only on the machine, but with design ideas.  Can I just say that the class went very quickly??

20160317_132329.jpg 20160317_132228.jpg 20160317_104655.jpg

Dinner out with a few of the other attendees, and then it was back to the convention center for show and tell. It was great fun to view all the great works of others. Some were their customer quilts and others, their own. From simple to artsy.

Day two was a focused day of drawing. Building muscle memory is important before jumping into the quilt. That alone is a valuable lesson for me. The teacher for this class was Sue Heinz. She has designed and published some great books, and developed amazing tools for use in quilting your designs. While I got so much out of her class, I left almost equally as frustrated by her style of teaching. She was very intent on our getting to work, because she had so much to teach us in so little time. Yet, she herself could not remain focused on the topic, and there was a lot of wasted time and learning opportunity!! She was most easily distracted by over eager class participants and many times things were way off track. Again, her work was amazing, but I would most likely not choose to take a class from her in the future.

20160318_130502.jpg 20160318_130424.jpg

The group came from neighboring states of Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota. There was also one participant from Manitoba. There wasn’t much time to visit, but certainly enjoyed meeting new people and talking about our work, whether it is done for personal use or for a business venture.


Since returning home, I am taking some time to do some drawing and doodling. I am looking at my Collaboration Quilt to see how I might want to quilt it up! Anxious and nervous to put my skills to use! Improved skills and better tools to make this all happen.

Keep being curious, and find ways to learn new things!



Time for Some Education…


Sometime ago I had posted about obtaining a “new to me” Gammill Longarm Classic Quilting Machine. I have no issue with taking time to learn something, and feel like in general, I have a decent feel for the machine. I can do a pantograph with no issues whatsoever. Loading a quilt is easier than it used to be. Threading and winding bobbins is not a problem.

wpid-20150726_143843.jpg wpid-20150726_143815.jpg wpid-20150722_201437.jpg

The issue comes in when I want to do something custom for my quilts… the quilts that kind of call out for special treatment. Ruler work, custom borders, free motion and more. I am still really a beginner, but so badly want to become really good at what I can make this machine do!

What’s a girl to do? Take a class!!

Later this week, I will be  attending a free motion class in Janesville. This class is put on by the Gammill dealer: At The Heart of Quilting – at the Pontiac Convention Center. Two days of lecture and hands on work at the machine.

I am hopeful that I will come home with a whole new skill set and great ideas to quilt up a few that I have on hand!!

Wish me Luck!!



Another Direction!


It seems as though Luanne and I couldn’t go another direction with our quilting. I have to say that we are both pretty diverse in the style of things that we do. From Double Wedding Rings, to Applique, Paper Piecing, Scrap Quilting, and now for me there is a One Block Wonder in the Works.

I have done one other One Block Wonder quilt some time ago. The fabric I chose was exciting in that it was sharks, however there was not a lot of variety of color in the fabric I chose. Black, white red and gray.



I have been looking for just the right print that would create something a bit more vibrant.

On our last road trip adventure, I stumbled across a print that would certainly fit the bill.


This fabric has a 24″ repeat of the pattern. There are vibrant colors and a variety of shapes that will add interest in the finished design.

The book that I used to direct me is:


This is a fun technique in that each quilt made like this will be a one of a kind. I stacked together 6 layers of fabric (WOF x 24″) and carefully lined everything up so that each of the layers would line up perfectly. Strips are cut, and from there 60 degree triangles. I am then using the 6 identical triangles to form a hexagon.

Here is a comparison of the 3 different looks you can get from one grouping:


Changing the looks is achieved by simply turning all of the triangles. ultimately chose to go with the one that would sew up so that it is on the straight of grain.

I would say that I am better that 1/2 way done sewing these hexagons together, and it is fun to see what happens in each hexagon.


Anxious to get this up on the design wall so that I can have fun playing with the layout.

Have a great day!


Christmas in the air??


It’s Sunday night, another weekend is coming to a close.  So, what did I accomplish?  After having finished a few projects recently, I decided to dig through my bin of once started and kitted projects.  I came across a paper piecing project which I  had pulled all the fabric for, and it cried out to me to get going on it.  I really enjoy paper piecing.  I love the intricacy I can achieve with this method.  Some of the pieces in this Christmas wall hanging are teeny tiny.  This is the next piece I will be working on.image

As I stated, this is a Christmas wall hanging.  Now, I am in absolutely no rush for next Christmas.  I am looking forward to spring and summer and hoping they last a good long time.  I also know, if I put this wall hanging off, there will be no way for me to get it done and on the wall next December.  So, here I am starting in on it.  It was very relaxing to work on it as the sewing, while quite tiny, is not difficult at all.  Here’s my progress.image

The final wall hanging is a full picture of the Nativity.  I found the pattern on an online paper piecing site called  This site offers both patterns for sale and some freebies.  The pattern pictured here is one of her top sellers.image

During the next week I plan to keep on working on this fun project as well as getting my last two quilt tops pinned and ready to quilt.  I’ll let you know how I do and if I accomplish these goal!



Quilting the Garden


Years ago I began a big project.  I found a hand appliqué quilt pattern that I really loved and decided to undertake it.  I started strong, and then it got put aside as I worked on other quilts.  As I was moving my sewing room I unearthed it and decided it really needed to be finished.  I had all the appliqué done, just needed to do the sashings and put it together.

I had to make many many half square triangles for the sashings.  I decided to use thangles for this process as they turn out perfect and I could make a lot of different color combinations.  I got them all sewed and then cut them apart. image

Next it was time to press them all.image

I sorted them into piles, ripped all the paper off, and began sewing them together.image

Finally, I got to sash the blocks.  It was so much fun seeing it finally come together.image

Last night I finally attached the borders and finished the top.  The quilt pattern came from the book entitled Quilting the Garden by Barb Adams, Alma Allen, and Ricki Creamer.image

I’m very pleased with the way it turned out.  This quilt will have to get in line behind many others waiting to be quilted, but it is one step closer to being totally done!