Quilting the Garden


Years ago I began a big project.  I found a hand appliqué quilt pattern that I really loved and decided to undertake it.  I started strong, and then it got put aside as I worked on other quilts.  As I was moving my sewing room I unearthed it and decided it really needed to be finished.  I had all the appliqué done, just needed to do the sashings and put it together.

I had to make many many half square triangles for the sashings.  I decided to use thangles for this process as they turn out perfect and I could make a lot of different color combinations.  I got them all sewed and then cut them apart. image

Next it was time to press them all.image

I sorted them into piles, ripped all the paper off, and began sewing them together.image

Finally, I got to sash the blocks.  It was so much fun seeing it finally come together.image

Last night I finally attached the borders and finished the top.  The quilt pattern came from the book entitled Quilting the Garden by Barb Adams, Alma Allen, and Ricki Creamer.image

I’m very pleased with the way it turned out.  This quilt will have to get in line behind many others waiting to be quilted, but it is one step closer to being totally done!


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