Christmas in the air??


It’s Sunday night, another weekend is coming to a close.  So, what did I accomplish?  After having finished a few projects recently, I decided to dig through my bin of once started and kitted projects.  I came across a paper piecing project which I  had pulled all the fabric for, and it cried out to me to get going on it.  I really enjoy paper piecing.  I love the intricacy I can achieve with this method.  Some of the pieces in this Christmas wall hanging are teeny tiny.  This is the next piece I will be working on.image

As I stated, this is a Christmas wall hanging.  Now, I am in absolutely no rush for next Christmas.  I am looking forward to spring and summer and hoping they last a good long time.  I also know, if I put this wall hanging off, there will be no way for me to get it done and on the wall next December.  So, here I am starting in on it.  It was very relaxing to work on it as the sewing, while quite tiny, is not difficult at all.  Here’s my progress.image

The final wall hanging is a full picture of the Nativity.  I found the pattern on an online paper piecing site called  This site offers both patterns for sale and some freebies.  The pattern pictured here is one of her top sellers.image

During the next week I plan to keep on working on this fun project as well as getting my last two quilt tops pinned and ready to quilt.  I’ll let you know how I do and if I accomplish these goal!



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  1. Props to you Luanne! You really are going to town these days on getting some projects finished! I am excelling at starting things. Many projects in the works that need to be worked on!

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