Another Direction!


It seems as though Luanne and I couldn’t go another direction with our quilting. I have to say that we are both pretty diverse in the style of things that we do. From Double Wedding Rings, to Applique, Paper Piecing, Scrap Quilting, and now for me there is a One Block Wonder in the Works.

I have done one other One Block Wonder quilt some time ago. The fabric I chose was exciting in that it was sharks, however there was not a lot of variety of color in the fabric I chose. Black, white red and gray.



I have been looking for just the right print that would create something a bit more vibrant.

On our last road trip adventure, I stumbled across a print that would certainly fit the bill.


This fabric has a 24″ repeat of the pattern. There are vibrant colors and a variety of shapes that will add interest in the finished design.

The book that I used to direct me is:


This is a fun technique in that each quilt made like this will be a one of a kind. I stacked together 6 layers of fabric (WOF x 24″) and carefully lined everything up so that each of the layers would line up perfectly. Strips are cut, and from there 60 degree triangles. I am then using the 6 identical triangles to form a hexagon.

Here is a comparison of the 3 different looks you can get from one grouping:


Changing the looks is achieved by simply turning all of the triangles. ultimately chose to go with the one that would sew up so that it is on the straight of grain.

I would say that I am better that 1/2 way done sewing these hexagons together, and it is fun to see what happens in each hexagon.


Anxious to get this up on the design wall so that I can have fun playing with the layout.

Have a great day!


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