Time for Some Education…


Sometime ago I had posted about obtaining a “new to me” Gammill Longarm Classic Quilting Machine. I have no issue with taking time to learn something, and feel like in general, I have a decent feel for the machine. I can do a pantograph with no issues whatsoever. Loading a quilt is easier than it used to be. Threading and winding bobbins is not a problem.

wpid-20150726_143843.jpg wpid-20150726_143815.jpg wpid-20150722_201437.jpg

The issue comes in when I want to do something custom for my quilts… the quilts that kind of call out for special treatment. Ruler work, custom borders, free motion and more. I am still really a beginner, but so badly want to become really good at what I can make this machine do!

What’s a girl to do? Take a class!!

Later this week, I will be  attending a free motion class in Janesville. This class is put on by the Gammill dealer: At The Heart of Quilting – at the Pontiac Convention Center. Two days of lecture and hands on work at the machine.

I am hopeful that I will come home with a whole new skill set and great ideas to quilt up a few that I have on hand!!

Wish me Luck!!



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