Pinning, Quilting, and Finishing!


When I posted last, I was just getting ready to sink my teeth into some machine quilting.  There as a lot of peep that goes into getting a quilt ready for the machine quilting phase.  Many people dread pinning the layers together.  I used to be one of them.  I would take my quilt over to our churches fellowship hall where the floors are nice and clean and there is a lot of room to stretch the backing on the floor and secure it with masking tape.  Next I would lay the batting on the backing and smooth it.  Finally I would lay the top of the batting.  The last step was the dreaded pinning.  I would need to get down on my hands and knees and pin the layers together.  This may not sound bad, but by the end of the quilt my knees and back would be aching.  Not a lot of fun at all.  I came across a method that would change the way I would layers my quilts and get rid of the pain for good!  I now use a folding table set on risers to do this task.  i find the center of the back and drape it over the table and use large clips to secure it down with just a little tension, keeping it all nice and smooth.  I can then add the batt and top smoothing as I lay each one down.  Here is a picture of the double wedding ring quilt clipped to the table.image

Now I can pin  the layers together comfortably.  The risers on make the table just the right height for me.  After I get done with one section I can unclip and move the quilt to a new section to be pinned.  Finally I have the whole top pinned and ready for the machine.image

I also pinned the collaboration the same night.image

I have always struggled how to mark my quilt top for quilting.  I am still more of a novice at the quilting process, but I am enjoying learning and am liking the results.  With these two quilts I decided to use golden threads paper to draw my quilting lines.image

The paper then gets pinned to the quilt top and I can follow the lines, quilting right through the paper.image

I used all over designs on both these quilts and am quite pleased with the results.  Now is the long and messy process of removing all the paper.  Time to sit in front of the tv with a garbage bag to put all the schnibbles.  It is kind of like unwrapping a present.image

Now on to binding!


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