Paducah Bound!!


Picture it, two old friends, packing a car and hitting the road for a trip to Paducah! We haven’t gone on a road trip in … well a long time. First time ever to a large quilt show.

So, we will leave way early in the morning next Wednesday…. for a roughly 8 plus hour drive! Luanne’s daughter Sandy and her family are kind enough to host us for our stay in Kentucky. (Sandy, Thank you so much! And I look forward to seeing you soon! I probably have a story or two about your Mom!)

We are pulling fabrics for our class on Friday. It promises to be a fun one called “Come Play With Me!” It will be good to continue to work in a playful way with fabrics that are solids, geometrics, patterned…. perhaps mixing things in a creative and intuitive way.  “Play” can bring about some unexpected results, and while that could be bad, I am feeling pretty optimistic that it will be freeing. Fairly regularly I do some “play” with my scraps, and eventually that will find it’s way into a block or a quilt. I am thinking that I will go into that further on another post, and talk more about what “play” looks like for me.

I am hoping to get pictures along the way, and am so looking forward to the adventure!

In the meantime, work on this Collaboration quilt continues. I am so close to pulling this off the frame. I have three blocks and the remaining bit of border to do!



Next up will be a Christmas quilt in some unusual colors. Lavenders, Aqua, Brown, Olive Green? Doesn’t sound appealing, but am pretty pleased with the outcome!

Enjoy the weekend!



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