Paducah Here We Come!


The car is packed and I am chomping on the bit to leave!  The plan is to leave my house at 3:30 am to go and pick up Pam by 4.  The drive should take us about 8 hours or so, depending on how many stops we have to make on the way.  Paducah has been a dream of mine to go to for many years.  My mother, who was my first quilt teacher, had always dreamed of going to this Mecca of quilting destinations, but she never got the chance.  Now, so many years later Pam and I will be able to see and do all the things our moms would have loved to.  We will be staying at my daughters house who lives about an hour away from the activities of quilt week, and she and my grand daughter will come to the show on Saturday with us.  My eight year old granddaughter Elaina already has her own fabric stash and is so excited to come with us.  Besides seeing all the wonderful quilts and of course the glorious shopping, Pam and I are scheduled to attend a lecture on machine quilting on Thursday afternoon, and then go to an all day class on Friday. We will be sure to let you know all about the wonders that we see along the way!


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