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A New Look and An Attack on Scraps!


Luanne came over to dine on Friday and to go through some changes we wanted to make on the blog and such. Nice evening! As you can see we have changed out the theme.. it really reflects who we are and what we like.

Aside from that I still have my 60’s quilt waiting for me… on the design wall looking kind of forlorn, but I am not sure what the next step will be. And so it will have to simmer there for a while longer.

When I am unsure about my next step in a project, my inner voice tells me… scraps! Go to the scraps! I gave in, and I did. For me, some mindless sewing helps move me along to a more creative space. Mindless sewing for me is sometimes taking all of the string pieces I have saved out of the baskets, and sewing them to a foundation. This time, instead of just sewing them randomly, I decided to sort out my colors. (Luanne, do you see anything familiar here?)


I sewed and sewed, and then still sewed some more! I use a 1/4″ seam allowance, and generally have 2 pieces going at one time.


As you can see, I use phone book pages. I keep my eyes open for phone books of varying sizes. The size I chose will work perfectly with a template I have in mind.


After I sew each strip on, I finger press them open, then keep adding until the page is filled. Then I will give the sewn piece a shot of starch and iron it, and go to my cutting board to trim off the excess. Using the edges of the paper as I guide, I trim all the way around. Because I use a smaller stich when sewing onto a paper, the paper is then removed very easily.



This process usually gets my mind going as to where this quilt, or one already in process can go. Sometimes I do this and the sewn pages sit for awhile, but they generally always get used up eventually. This time… these pages are talking to me about what direction they want to go, and wouldn’t you know it, there will have to be a stop at the quilt shop!? I think that with all the scrappiness going on, that it calls out for a background to tie it all together. I have something in mind already and will share that soon!

Happy Creating! Remember that the process takes exercise, and sometimes that means doing some mindless sewing!






And The Beat Goes On!


On Monday,  I had posted about  being inspired to do a 60’s Quilt.  As I said,  I am a child of that decade. Having come to the point of knowing where I was going with the quilt,  I thought it was important to add the signs of the time.  Peace and Love!  I started by roughly drawing out the word Love on the back of the fabric.  From there I stitched and trimmed.  No patterns needed.  Just wing it. 


Yesterday, I made some progress on a Peace sign.


As everything else was wonky or curvy on this quilt, the peace sign follows that as a guide.  It is elongated and appliqued sideways on this wonderful fabric background.  Totally works! Where to next? Perhaps some flower power?

Aside from that our weather is again wonderful here.  This little visitor now regularly comes to the door and meows loudly.


She is pretty skittish about being petted,  and we are making progress on that front.  She is most content to have you sit on the porch near her,  carry on a coversation, and just have the companionship.


Heading back to the 60’s…

#60’squilt  #quiltgans

A Splendid Weekend With Some Sewing Mixed In



There were no specific plans for the weekend, and a great weather forecast in sight. I want to say that we made the most of every bit of it. Remember as a kid when summer days were long? As adults we have so much on our plates that sometimes we don’t get the time to be spontaneous and enjoy. Enjoy I did!!

There was yard work on the agenda, but the weather was so nice on Saturday that it took us until after 5 p.m. to start. Oh well. In the meantime we enjoyed breakfast out, a car show – which gave us the opportunity to visit with friends, the discovery of a local quilt shop, a short nap, and dinner by a fire!

This quilt shop is located in the small town of Hartford on Main Street. Cute little place called Esa’s with great prices and friendly people. So glad I stopped! I will certainly make a point to stop in again and perhaps assist with some inventory reduction.

As if Saturday wasn’t enough, Sunday was equally as wonderful. Again some more yard work happened. Those chores led to the discovery of these things…


20160522_125541.jpgTrillium plants in bloom, and a perfect robin’s nest found on the tractor by the barn!

When the sun was highest in the sky and it was time to take a break, what better to do than to bring the featherweight out for some afternoon sewing? I enjoyed being out, hearing the birds and doing one of my favorite things. This is a Christmas throw in the works made from scraps.


20160522_165335.jpgWe were also fortunate enough to have some friends drive by on their motorcycle while out for a Sunday ride. It was great to catch up!

Dinner had been in the works in the crock pot. Dined again outside. Then two, silly and tired grown up children attempted to fly a kite!


At the end of the day as I wound down, I took a glance at this quilt on my design wall.I didn’t know what my next step was going to be, but inspiration stuck.


This quilt was pretty 60’s looking to me. Swirly and abstract and GROOVY is what I saw! As I am a child of the 60’s, this will now be the direction that this quilt takes. Love it when the light bulb comes on!

So, I went to this delightful mess…20160522_211441.jpg

and created this:20160522_211555.jpg

Ideas swirling in my head about where to go next.

Grateful for all the blessings of the weekend!


Summer Fun


Spring has finally arrived here in Wisconsin.  It’s in the 70’s and I have been outside all morning planting flowers and doing yard clean up.  I thought I would take a little break and share what I have been up to lately in my sewing room.

Pam mentioned a little about our trip to Paducah.  It was a blast and I brought many new toys home with me.  I love rulers and templates almost as much as Pam, and I decided to pull one of the new ones I purchased out and start creating.






This is the creative grids ruler I decided to play with.  Pam already had this one and the one time I got to use it I fell in love with it, so of course I needed to purchase one too!  I love sewing curves and this ruler gives you many different layouts to try.

When I decide to make a quilt I often times will do all my cutting first.  It is the part that I don’t enjoy as much as the rest of the process.  My daughter gave me a new rotary cutter for Mother’s Day and it is perfect for this job.




The one my daughter gave me is the teeny tiny one.  The purple one was one that needed to come home with my from Paducah, another one of my new toys.  Anyway, back to the little guy!  It is the perfect cutter for all those inside curves I needed to cut. It worked great!  I cut and put all the pieces into baggies, which is my way of keeping organized.


See all all those beautiful pieces!!!  They just beg me to start sewing them together.  When I sew curves I only use three pins, one in the center, and one on each end.  I also like to use the Curve Master foot.  It has a lite ridge that helps me feed the curve through at a perfect 1/4 inch.


I was left with many scraps, so what to do with them.  I cut some of them in circles for a project I will be sharing later next week.


Enjoying this nice weather and hope you are too!



Recent Happenings and a Quilt Along Link up


For quite some time now I have been preparing to do a trunk show/lecture at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts. No, I did not mention it before, but it has been on my radar for quite some time. This last weekend, on Friday and Saturday to be exact, they had their Spring University Days. This is a fundraising event for this wonderful facility. Each day they have a keynote speaker, and then classes in varying areas of interest. So inspiring! I am hoping to participate more fully in the future.

I arrived early at the museum with all my goods, well almost… forgot the laptop cord, but was quite fortunately rescued by Luanne and my husband on that front. Grateful I am! First thing in the morning was keynote speaker Kim Lapacek from Persimon Dreams. We got to hear about, and see her vast array of amazing quilts. She has a fun approach to quilts and certainly loves a challenge! She goes in full speed ahead to the quilting process, and creates amazing works that are truly her. Energetic, fun and colorful!

Kim has numerous challenges and quilt-a-longs on her blog, and for the first time ever (on this blog), we are linked to her Salt Lake City Quilt A Long Block!

Here is my somewhat scrappy block. Scrappy in the way that, these are fabrics that are out, and am currently using them on another project.

20160518_223158.jpgThis quilt along suggested scrappy and a fussy cut. Like it!

Have a great weekend!


We Went, We Saw, We Shopped! And More!


We hit the road early to get to Paducah! It was our plan to use Wednesday the 20th of April as a travel day, and we did just that. We made a couple of short stops on the way, but for the most part stayed on track. Lots of laughs and looking forward to a new adventure.

We arrived in plenty of time to have a wonderful dinner. It was such a pleasure to meet and get to know more of Luanne’s family.

Thursday was almost a full shopping day with one lecture thrown into the afternoon. So much to see and do!

On Friday, we both very much enjoyed our “Come Play With Me” class by artist Dianne S. Hire. Then on Saturday we went back to the show with Luanne’s daughter and grand daughter. As much as we had travelled through the marketplace, there was so much we had passed by. When we slowed down with them, wouldn’t you know that we found more treasures?

Saturday ended with a lovely dinner at a Mexican restaurant and a carriage ride through downtown Paducah.

So that is a very quick summary.. Here are some pictures/highlights of our time. We will both be following up with who we saw, specifics about our class and our progress in the next few days!

20160421_084319.jpg  20160420_100108.jpg

20160423_165835.jpg   Sights we saw, and shop we stopped at on the way there. We saved our dollars for Paducah!

Look who we strolled by at the Marketplace;

20160421_095659.jpg Mr. Rickly Tims! He had a whole host of beautiful hand dyed fabrics.

Classes we took:

20160421_135919.jpg   1a

Dianne Hire’s class led us through a day of playing games with fabrics.

And quilts and more at the marketplace:




20160423_121352.jpg20160423_123402.jpg20160423_122154.jpgOkay, the last one is not a quilt, but it could be!

And lastly a couple of shots taken in Paducah. The carriage ride takes you down cobblestone streets, and down past the river where these beautiful murals are painted, giving you a history of the town.

20160423_163204.jpg20160423_163228.jpg20160423_163243.jpg 20160423_164811.jpg20160423_164830.jpg

It is well after the fact, and we were both knee deep in life after we arrived back home.

Our trip was great fun, and can’t wait for more adventures with my bestie Luanne! So many great ideas swirling around in our heads! Some have already started brewing. Tools and templates to share as well.