We Went, We Saw, We Shopped! And More!


We hit the road early to get to Paducah! It was our plan to use Wednesday the 20th of April as a travel day, and we did just that. We made a couple of short stops on the way, but for the most part stayed on track. Lots of laughs and looking forward to a new adventure.

We arrived in plenty of time to have a wonderful dinner. It was such a pleasure to meet and get to know more of Luanne’s family.

Thursday was almost a full shopping day with one lecture thrown into the afternoon. So much to see and do!

On Friday, we both very much enjoyed our “Come Play With Me” class by artist Dianne S. Hire. Then on Saturday we went back to the show with Luanne’s daughter and grand daughter. As much as we had travelled through the marketplace, there was so much we had passed by. When we slowed down with them, wouldn’t you know that we found more treasures?

Saturday ended with a lovely dinner at a Mexican restaurant and a carriage ride through downtown Paducah.

So that is a very quick summary.. Here are some pictures/highlights of our time. We will both be following up with who we saw, specifics about our class and our progress in the next few days!

20160421_084319.jpg  20160420_100108.jpg

20160423_165835.jpg   Sights we saw, and shop we stopped at on the way there. We saved our dollars for Paducah!

Look who we strolled by at the Marketplace;

20160421_095659.jpg Mr. Rickly Tims! He had a whole host of beautiful hand dyed fabrics.

Classes we took:

20160421_135919.jpg   1a

Dianne Hire’s class led us through a day of playing games with fabrics.

And quilts and more at the marketplace:




20160423_121352.jpg20160423_123402.jpg20160423_122154.jpgOkay, the last one is not a quilt, but it could be!

And lastly a couple of shots taken in Paducah. The carriage ride takes you down cobblestone streets, and down past the river where these beautiful murals are painted, giving you a history of the town.

20160423_163204.jpg20160423_163228.jpg20160423_163243.jpg 20160423_164811.jpg20160423_164830.jpg

It is well after the fact, and we were both knee deep in life after we arrived back home.

Our trip was great fun, and can’t wait for more adventures with my bestie Luanne! So many great ideas swirling around in our heads! Some have already started brewing. Tools and templates to share as well.


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