Summer Fun


Spring has finally arrived here in Wisconsin.  It’s in the 70’s and I have been outside all morning planting flowers and doing yard clean up.  I thought I would take a little break and share what I have been up to lately in my sewing room.

Pam mentioned a little about our trip to Paducah.  It was a blast and I brought many new toys home with me.  I love rulers and templates almost as much as Pam, and I decided to pull one of the new ones I purchased out and start creating.






This is the creative grids ruler I decided to play with.  Pam already had this one and the one time I got to use it I fell in love with it, so of course I needed to purchase one too!  I love sewing curves and this ruler gives you many different layouts to try.

When I decide to make a quilt I often times will do all my cutting first.  It is the part that I don’t enjoy as much as the rest of the process.  My daughter gave me a new rotary cutter for Mother’s Day and it is perfect for this job.




The one my daughter gave me is the teeny tiny one.  The purple one was one that needed to come home with my from Paducah, another one of my new toys.  Anyway, back to the little guy!  It is the perfect cutter for all those inside curves I needed to cut. It worked great!  I cut and put all the pieces into baggies, which is my way of keeping organized.


See all all those beautiful pieces!!!  They just beg me to start sewing them together.  When I sew curves I only use three pins, one in the center, and one on each end.  I also like to use the Curve Master foot.  It has a lite ridge that helps me feed the curve through at a perfect 1/4 inch.


I was left with many scraps, so what to do with them.  I cut some of them in circles for a project I will be sharing later next week.


Enjoying this nice weather and hope you are too!



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