A Splendid Weekend With Some Sewing Mixed In



There were no specific plans for the weekend, and a great weather forecast in sight. I want to say that we made the most of every bit of it. Remember as a kid when summer days were long? As adults we have so much on our plates that sometimes we don’t get the time to be spontaneous and enjoy. Enjoy I did!!

There was yard work on the agenda, but the weather was so nice on Saturday that it took us until after 5 p.m. to start. Oh well. In the meantime we enjoyed breakfast out, a car show – which gave us the opportunity to visit with friends, the discovery of a local quilt shop, a short nap, and dinner by a fire!

This quilt shop is located in the small town of Hartford on Main Street. Cute little place called Esa’s with great prices and friendly people. So glad I stopped! I will certainly make a point to stop in again and perhaps assist with some inventory reduction.

As if Saturday wasn’t enough, Sunday was equally as wonderful. Again some more yard work happened. Those chores led to the discovery of these things…


20160522_125541.jpgTrillium plants in bloom, and a perfect robin’s nest found on the tractor by the barn!

When the sun was highest in the sky and it was time to take a break, what better to do than to bring the featherweight out for some afternoon sewing? I enjoyed being out, hearing the birds and doing one of my favorite things. This is a Christmas throw in the works made from scraps.


20160522_165335.jpgWe were also fortunate enough to have some friends drive by on their motorcycle while out for a Sunday ride. It was great to catch up!

Dinner had been in the works in the crock pot. Dined again outside. Then two, silly and tired grown up children attempted to fly a kite!


At the end of the day as I wound down, I took a glance at this quilt on my design wall.I didn’t know what my next step was going to be, but inspiration stuck.


This quilt was pretty 60’s looking to me. Swirly and abstract and GROOVY is what I saw! As I am a child of the 60’s, this will now be the direction that this quilt takes. Love it when the light bulb comes on!

So, I went to this delightful mess…20160522_211441.jpg

and created this:20160522_211555.jpg

Ideas swirling in my head about where to go next.

Grateful for all the blessings of the weekend!


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  1. You totally made the best of an incredibly awesome day! And there are many more to come! Enjoy it – you deserve it (and then some)!


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