And The Beat Goes On!


On Monday,  I had posted about  being inspired to do a 60’s Quilt.  As I said,  I am a child of that decade. Having come to the point of knowing where I was going with the quilt,  I thought it was important to add the signs of the time.  Peace and Love!  I started by roughly drawing out the word Love on the back of the fabric.  From there I stitched and trimmed.  No patterns needed.  Just wing it. 


Yesterday, I made some progress on a Peace sign.


As everything else was wonky or curvy on this quilt, the peace sign follows that as a guide.  It is elongated and appliqued sideways on this wonderful fabric background.  Totally works! Where to next? Perhaps some flower power?

Aside from that our weather is again wonderful here.  This little visitor now regularly comes to the door and meows loudly.


She is pretty skittish about being petted,  and we are making progress on that front.  She is most content to have you sit on the porch near her,  carry on a coversation, and just have the companionship.


Heading back to the 60’s…

#60’squilt  #quiltgans

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