A New Look and An Attack on Scraps!


Luanne came over to dine on Friday and to go through some changes we wanted to make on the blog and such. Nice evening! As you can see we have changed out the theme.. it really reflects who we are and what we like.

Aside from that I still have my 60’s quilt waiting for me… on the design wall looking kind of forlorn, but I am not sure what the next step will be. And so it will have to simmer there for a while longer.

When I am unsure about my next step in a project, my inner voice tells me… scraps! Go to the scraps! I gave in, and I did. For me, some mindless sewing helps move me along to a more creative space. Mindless sewing for me is sometimes taking all of the string pieces I have saved out of the baskets, and sewing them to a foundation. This time, instead of just sewing them randomly, I decided to sort out my colors. (Luanne, do you see anything familiar here?)


I sewed and sewed, and then still sewed some more! I use a 1/4″ seam allowance, and generally have 2 pieces going at one time.


As you can see, I use phone book pages. I keep my eyes open for phone books of varying sizes. The size I chose will work perfectly with a template I have in mind.


After I sew each strip on, I finger press them open, then keep adding until the page is filled. Then I will give the sewn piece a shot of starch and iron it, and go to my cutting board to trim off the excess. Using the edges of the paper as I guide, I trim all the way around. Because I use a smaller stich when sewing onto a paper, the paper is then removed very easily.



This process usually gets my mind going as to where this quilt, or one already in process can go. Sometimes I do this and the sewn pages sit for awhile, but they generally always get used up eventually. This time… these pages are talking to me about what direction they want to go, and wouldn’t you know it, there will have to be a stop at the quilt shop!? I think that with all the scrappiness going on, that it calls out for a background to tie it all together. I have something in mind already and will share that soon!

Happy Creating! Remember that the process takes exercise, and sometimes that means doing some mindless sewing!






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