Let There Be Light


It was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend.  We had a wonderful time cooking out  with one of my sons at his new apartment.  Not much time for quilting though!  With a new week I plan on getting back at it.

I am still busy sewing curves.  There are 320 of those small units to create before I can start putting blocks together.  Progress is being made, but i have a ways to go.  I did take time out to play with the scraps from this project and made something a bit different from my usual quilts.

It all started in Paducah when we found some pretty cool lamps in one of the vendor booths. I loved them, but was not willing to pay what they were asking.  What’s a girl to do?  Make my own of course!  When we got home, Pam and I did a road trip to Goodwill where we both purchased lamps to repurpose, then a stop at Hobby Lobby to buy some Mod Podge and I was good to go.


This lamp was not real pretty, but it was exactly what I was looking for.  Time to pull out the scraps!  I cut them into circles freehand and got ready to glue them down.  One by one I added them to the lamp.

I am pleased with the final project.  It was fun to use some of those scraps in a new and different way.  Here is the lamp that now adds light to me sewing room.


Now, back to sewing those curves!


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