Quilt Inspiration (AMAZING!) And More Scrappiness…


The other day I had a background fabric in mind for what I have started doing with my scraps. Ever do that? You go in search of it.. but no go! But you find other treasures. I drove out to Juneau the other day to J and A Stitches. They are a friendly lot, very accommodating and have a great selection. This quilt shop is in the country on a farm, and they have birds! This beautiful creature was also very accommodating in fanning his beautiful feathers for me! I was awestruck!


For roughly two years now I have been saving strings after doing any cutting. When basket one was filled, I moved onto basket two. They were filled, jammed in tight.


Now I know that most people would throw some of this away. I couldn’t. I just kept setting them aside. Something from nothing.. one man’s trash.. and so on. I saw purpose. As I shared in my last post, I sew them to phone book pages, press, trim and tear off the paper. From there, I sewed some of the made pieces end to end. I then cut out these 120 degree triangles using this Creative Grids template.


I will be combining these with some background fabrics that I ultimately found in my stash. Cant wait to get enough cut to see how these might come out!

Till Next Time!


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