After a Dream I am Back to the 60’s!


My 60’s Quilt has kind of been in limbo lately. So much limbo that I have actually taken it off of the design wall! I never think when I take something down, or even put it away that it’s time is up. I just think that it needs time to simmer on the back burner while I work  on things. I very much trust that the ideas will come. I do think of possibilities while it rests. Early yesterday morning, I kept having dreams about sewing together black and white graphic fabrics and adding in a hint of bright colors here and there. See the zebras? I love what they add to the piece!


I start the process by pulling out the fabrics I am working with, the smaller the better in size! And I sew seams.. rather randomly. In this case, I cut a small piece of colored fabric in some kind of four sided shape, and then began to slowly build around it.  When that piece would reach about 4-5″ in size, I would start another one, and sew those together.


Occasionally I would stop to starch and press and look at it. At sometime during the process, I started adding spikes of bright fabric. And at one point, I thought I could sew a curved seam… that ended up in a wavy gravy mess. So, I straightened it out. It still wasn’t much to look at. And then it hit me! Inspiration! I would use my new Accuquilt Circle die to cut some spheres. Awesome!



These little spheres of goodness are a whole lot of fun, and I look forward to adding them  to the rest of my 60’s blocks.


Moral of the story… follow that dream!


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