Progress Continues in the 60’s…


There was very little time spent sewing over the weekend. I am pretty sure that it will wait for me though. On the design floor…

But first on Saturday we went to Ripon, Wisconsin. I was grateful to be able to stop back at this shop called Bungalow Quilting and Yarn. They had a very nice selection of a bit more modern and graphic prints. I found a couple of treasures that I will share later.


I just love the beautiful stained glass window below the sign!


I found a little time at the end of last week to put this quilt on the floor. (my made up design wall works not so well unless I pin to it.) I laid it out, took pictures, tweaked it, took more pictures and then came up with an initial plan.


Yesterday I found a little block of time and started putting this together. As there is no pattern, and no real right or wrong to it, I started by piecing the sections that are obvious. These are the areas that fit well and will also certainly stay together.. like the word “LOVE”. In this type of quilt, I make it fit as I go, and there is not a whole lot of measuring that happens.


While this is my initial layout, it may get modified as I go, and I am also hoping to do an unusual (for me) border treatment. The spheres and spirals will also have to get appliqued down, and some of that may happen while it is still in a smaller section so that I can maneuver it easier under the sewing machine.

In the next couple of weeks, my sewing room will be a host to my Grandson Jackson, so I best finish getting this pieced!

Enjoy the first day of summer!


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