And Now… Some Eye Candy


Last weekend,  as I had mentioned we made a stop at this quilt shop in Ripon.


I had a certain print in mind that I wanted to try to find.. didn’t, but a few other fabrics called out to me. I love all things vintage, sewing related, fun graphics, and a great background. I got a bit of all of the above.


I tend to generally buy in either full yard or half yard increments. On occasion, if I really like a print, I may just take what is left on the bolt if I think I can use it as kind of a neutral background.

I picked up a solid black which is always handy to have, and this time even picked up a couple of chambrays. I love the texture, and they make a great background fabric.


As you can see, there is a little bit of a common thread in my purchase, as far as the sewing fabric, even though, I have no idea what they will become in their next life.


The peace sign fabric? I am thinking that will become a border on my 60’s quilt! There is again more progress being made on that quilt. Each time I think I have my layout worked out, something changes. I kind of let the piece take me where it wants to go. I will share some more of that next go around!


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