The 60’s Quilt – Before Borders


I continue to make progress on this smallish quilt. I needed to get it to a point where I could get it off of my design floor soon!

I have the center section put together now. I had this laying out on the floor, and gradually tweaked things. Thinking that I was now ready to sew it together as of the last layout shown here:


Well sometimes as I start to sew, I might just grab a piece out of order, and mistakenly sew the pieces together. I kind of like to think of that as a Happy Accident! I don’t run for the seam ripper immediately. I like to think that perhaps the quilt was self guided!

The way a quilt like this is put together is also not by any means standard. All of the blocks that were created are different sizes. I then put the quilt together by sections. Sometimes I need to add in a little something, and sometimes trim something out. Initially my layout started out like this:


The layout changed a couple of times, and right now this is where I have landed:


I still need to applique by machine the spheres and spirals. The spirals already have a layer of Heat and Bond on the back, but will also take this step with the spheres. It will help keep things from shifting during the applique process.


And then this Peace Sign fabric may make it’s debut as a border!


So Far So Good!



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