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Grandchildren and Quilts


This week we were able to visit my daughter’s family in Kentucky.  It is so good to be able to be with them, and of course get to play with the grandchildren.  While we are here I was able to get each of the kids to pose with the quilts I made them when they were babies.

This picture is Elaina with the trip around the world quilt.  The borders have hand appliqued flowers.

For Nick’s quilt my daughter had gone through my unfinished projects and found the unfinished top of what was supposed to be a wall hanging with the teddy bear sitting in the chair. The pattern for that was a Cynthia England Design pattern.  I made the bear paw blocks for the border corners and made it into a baby quilt.

Noah’s quilt was so much fun.  I just love doing the one block wonder quilts and this time I decided to try the cubes in with it.  

Micah was born in Alaska and I thought it would be fun to do something Alaskan themed for him.  My daughter picked out a panel with the animals on it and the coordinating fabric. It was an easy and fun quilt to make. He still sleeps with it every night.

Tomorrow we head back to Wisconsin.   I’ll miss these kids terribly, but I am also looking forward to getting back in my sewing room.  I’m feeling the need to get something accomplished.


Quilt Diva


I was looking at my Quilt Diva and decided to share her picture today. I had so much fun picking out the clothes she was going to have.  I wanted to put a little of fun and crazy into her. I decided to use the borders to hold pins from shows I have been to, and I keep adding little pins and other baubles that I may not want to wear, but she can pull off.  She is an expression of me unrestrained!


Very little sewing… and other good summer things!


A couple of weeks back I signed up for an online Quilt Guild. At this point, there just isn’t time for extra commitments in regard to joining any groups, or participating in regularly scheduled events. Things get busy, and quite honestly, it is all I can do to preserve a little sewing time! This online participation is right up my alley for where I am in my life right now. There is an annual commitment of $35, but will allow me the social aspects if I choose, along with some challenges, BOM’s, and other projects.

The weekend had a pretty busy schedule including all things domestic, a flea market where we got caught in the rain, and preparing for guests.

Mixed in there, I decided that I was going to work on the BOM, which is now at Block 4 of 6. I am working from scraps for the most part and just enjoying a break from doing larger projects. For the most part, I don’t generally follow a pattern, so one never knows how these blocks will be used. Here is the first block:


Fairly basic, but refreshing to do something different.

Aside from that there was some of this going on…


A beautiful sunrise…

A tired kitty…


And another tired kitty…


Little shoes found under a bed.. that are actually too small for a kitten..


And then there was this..

This was a game that I had while growing up. We found this gem at the flea market and brought it home. It was our evening entertainment until the mosquitos attacked!


Enjoy the day!





And More Playtime!


It has been a hot and humid week here in Wisconsin! Nothing new for our summers, except that my AC has been out and needing to be replaced. I did not think there would be much that would keep me from sewing, but the humidity has certainly zapped my energy! Can you say couch potato? My sewing room could get pretty warm, and nothing was happening quickly….

Except… I did not want to stop the creating once Luanne had left my house! I did continue to play with the stamping. 20160709_201128-1.jpgMy method? Pretty simple. I started by stamping a light gray fabric with the grid like texture first –  using fabric paints. I brushed the stamp with the paint, and then stamped to accomplish this. The next layer was the bikes and flowers. After that, I pulled out Tulip Fabric Markers, and added some additional outlining, and a little coloring in. Following that, let it dry and heat set. I may create a border for around this panel and use this for a pillow. Creating fabric like this gives me a lot of ideas for fussy cuts.


So, the rubber stamps that I have bought over the years have another use, and I will now keep my eyes open for these at rummage sales!

Hoping to get back to productivity in the sewing room soon! The new air conditioning was installed and I am beyond grateful!

Enjoy the day,





Last weekend I had the opportunity to head over to Pam’s house for a day of play, and play we did.  Instead of using out machines we decided to create fabric that we can use in future quilts.  While we were in Paducah last spring we purchased some fabric paint and a few stamps.  It was time to pull them out and see what we could do!

This was the table after we got our supplies out.  A lot of creativity was about to happen

Pam started working at a collage on a piece of fabric that really turned out cool!  I can’t wait to see what she does with it!20160709_141235.jpg

We also look around for different textures we can make stamps out of.  Interestingly enough, the sole of the shoes I wore to my son’s wedding a few weeks ago made a fun stamp to try. 20160709_130922.jpg

It was such a relaxing and fun day, getting in touch with our inner child and just playing.  I can’t wait for the next time we can get together and cut loose again!






A Lot of Little Somethings…


are going on around at my house!!

The Fourth of July has come and gone. We enjoyed a wonderful quiet celebration, with loved ones. Two grandsons that are little balls of energy, two daughters and their spouses helped to create a memorable day. 

After this, there was a whole lot of tired going on. Not much was happening in my sewing room. Outside of my house though there was a lot of activity. 

Mama cat brought her five little baby kittens home one by one. 

She carried them in her mouth down the road from the woods and deposited them in the bush in front of the house. It was neat to see how she cared for them, and great to know she trusted us to help her out.

We look forward to watching them grow and helping them find new homes.

I have come across this magazine. I had purchased it in 2014. 

Each of these magazines from the UK comes with a little kit. This particular magazine had a kit for a set of 4 coasters that are made from a spool block. This wasn’t a big project, but it was the size project that I needed at the time. I needed to feel a little bit of a sense of accomplishment. 

They are assembled quite quickly. Then a backing is added and they are turned and filled with a little bit of batting or as it was listed: wadding . They are stitched shut and then some simple quilting on the top. 

I happened to pick up this magazine some time ago at the Barnes & Noble.  It’s a special publication and a little bit harder to get. I suspect it is a little bit pricey to get as a subscription because it is from another country. I love some of the projects in the magazine .  The directions and the photo layouts  are beautiful.  I look forward to making a couple of others  in the near future. These costers would make a great gift for a fellow quilter, but also great for your sewing room. I just needed to work on something that was simple and a quick finish. Sometimes the bigger projects feel far too daunting.

Here’s to simple projects, until this girl is rested up and ready to tackle another big one!

 Enjoy the weekend!


Love is in the air!


I have not been around much lately, and quilting has been temporarily set aside.  I have good reason for this little quilting hiatus.  image

This is my son Benjamin and his bride Emily.  They were married June 25th, it was a wonderful day!  Of course there was much to do leading up to the event and then family outings the week after, including a couple day trip to the Mall of America, and a quick trip to Kentucky.  I’m home now and ready to jump back into playing with my fabric!  I don’t even know where to begin again.  I think I need to just sit in my sewingroom and absorb all the colors and atmosphere.  Maybe a get together with Pam is in order, that usually gets me juiced up and ready to dig in!  I hope to have something quilt to share with you all soon!


Summer Inspiration and Other Goings On…


Sometimes my inspiration merely comes from color! I will simply see it for the first time in an new way – as if never seen before, or a color combination strikes me, and it keeps tugging at me until I “do” something with it. Here are some recent colors that have caught my eye in my world.

Lovely Hollyhocks this year!

Beautiful Red and Green Strawberries – picked and washed with the help of a special little guy!

Boy were they sweet!

and aside from that… getting a fun surprise ready for another special little guy who is heading my way soon…


Makes me want to get creating! Hopefully soon!