A Lot of Little Somethings…


are going on around at my house!!

The Fourth of July has come and gone. We enjoyed a wonderful quiet celebration, with loved ones. Two grandsons that are little balls of energy, two daughters and their spouses helped to create a memorable day. 

After this, there was a whole lot of tired going on. Not much was happening in my sewing room. Outside of my house though there was a lot of activity. 

Mama cat brought her five little baby kittens home one by one. 

She carried them in her mouth down the road from the woods and deposited them in the bush in front of the house. It was neat to see how she cared for them, and great to know she trusted us to help her out.

We look forward to watching them grow and helping them find new homes.

I have come across this magazine. I had purchased it in 2014. 

Each of these magazines from the UK comes with a little kit. This particular magazine had a kit for a set of 4 coasters that are made from a spool block. This wasn’t a big project, but it was the size project that I needed at the time. I needed to feel a little bit of a sense of accomplishment. 

They are assembled quite quickly. Then a backing is added and they are turned and filled with a little bit of batting or as it was listed: wadding . They are stitched shut and then some simple quilting on the top. 

I happened to pick up this magazine some time ago at the Barnes & Noble.  It’s a special publication and a little bit harder to get. I suspect it is a little bit pricey to get as a subscription because it is from another country. I love some of the projects in the magazine .  The directions and the photo layouts  are beautiful.  I look forward to making a couple of others  in the near future. These costers would make a great gift for a fellow quilter, but also great for your sewing room. I just needed to work on something that was simple and a quick finish. Sometimes the bigger projects feel far too daunting.

Here’s to simple projects, until this girl is rested up and ready to tackle another big one!

 Enjoy the weekend!


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