And More Playtime!


It has been a hot and humid week here in Wisconsin! Nothing new for our summers, except that my AC has been out and needing to be replaced. I did not think there would be much that would keep me from sewing, but the humidity has certainly zapped my energy! Can you say couch potato? My sewing room could get pretty warm, and nothing was happening quickly….

Except… I did not want to stop the creating once Luanne had left my house! I did continue to play with the stamping. 20160709_201128-1.jpgMy method? Pretty simple. I started by stamping a light gray fabric with the grid like texture first –  using fabric paints. I brushed the stamp with the paint, and then stamped to accomplish this. The next layer was the bikes and flowers. After that, I pulled out Tulip Fabric Markers, and added some additional outlining, and a little coloring in. Following that, let it dry and heat set. I may create a border for around this panel and use this for a pillow. Creating fabric like this gives me a lot of ideas for fussy cuts.


So, the rubber stamps that I have bought over the years have another use, and I will now keep my eyes open for these at rummage sales!

Hoping to get back to productivity in the sewing room soon! The new air conditioning was installed and I am beyond grateful!

Enjoy the day,



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