Very little sewing… and other good summer things!


A couple of weeks back I signed up for an online Quilt Guild. At this point, there just isn’t time for extra commitments in regard to joining any groups, or participating in regularly scheduled events. Things get busy, and quite honestly, it is all I can do to preserve a little sewing time! This online participation is right up my alley for where I am in my life right now. There is an annual commitment of $35, but will allow me the social aspects if I choose, along with some challenges, BOM’s, and other projects.

The weekend had a pretty busy schedule including all things domestic, a flea market where we got caught in the rain, and preparing for guests.

Mixed in there, I decided that I was going to work on the BOM, which is now at Block 4 of 6. I am working from scraps for the most part and just enjoying a break from doing larger projects. For the most part, I don’t generally follow a pattern, so one never knows how these blocks will be used. Here is the first block:


Fairly basic, but refreshing to do something different.

Aside from that there was some of this going on…


A beautiful sunrise…

A tired kitty…


And another tired kitty…


Little shoes found under a bed.. that are actually too small for a kitten..


And then there was this..

This was a game that I had while growing up. We found this gem at the flea market and brought it home. It was our evening entertainment until the mosquitos attacked!


Enjoy the day!





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