Grandchildren and Quilts


This week we were able to visit my daughter’s family in Kentucky.  It is so good to be able to be with them, and of course get to play with the grandchildren.  While we are here I was able to get each of the kids to pose with the quilts I made them when they were babies.

This picture is Elaina with the trip around the world quilt.  The borders have hand appliqued flowers.

For Nick’s quilt my daughter had gone through my unfinished projects and found the unfinished top of what was supposed to be a wall hanging with the teddy bear sitting in the chair. The pattern for that was a Cynthia England Design pattern.  I made the bear paw blocks for the border corners and made it into a baby quilt.

Noah’s quilt was so much fun.  I just love doing the one block wonder quilts and this time I decided to try the cubes in with it.  

Micah was born in Alaska and I thought it would be fun to do something Alaskan themed for him.  My daughter picked out a panel with the animals on it and the coordinating fabric. It was an easy and fun quilt to make. He still sleeps with it every night.

Tomorrow we head back to Wisconsin.   I’ll miss these kids terribly, but I am also looking forward to getting back in my sewing room.  I’m feeling the need to get something accomplished.


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