No finishes!!! But more starts!


Isn’t that the story for a lot of us? We bring new fabrics in that sometimes taunt us to use them. Or we see inspiration somewhere and feel the need to go with it. I can honestly say that I have fallen further and further into having way too many UFO’s. More than I am currently comfortable having anyway!

The summer has been pretty busy, and little bits of time for sewing are all that I have been able to manage. Instead of focusing my energies on “one” project, my attention span is tiny, and any Bright Shiny Object that comes across my path, distracts me! So, I have started a Block of the Month, and just yesterday started a square table center. I will be sewing away from home on Saturday, and it will be easier to have a project where I just have piecing to do rather than doing finishing. Really, it all makes sense to me!

A few months ago, the kitchen and dining room got a fresh coat of paint. I want to put a table center on the table that coordinates. The room is painted a light gray on a couple of walls and then a teal (with gray tones) on the others. It is subtle and soothing. So, for this project, the fabrics that I have that will work the best are some Japanese Taupes and some muted Chambray fabrics. I used the book that came with my Accuquilt Go to find a block I liked and determined my fabric choices from there. I used my 9″ Block die set and used the correct square and triangle dies for cutting. It really comes in handy for this type of project. Here is the one block sample I made:


After that was kitted up, I moved on to Block Number 2 of 6 in the BOM’s from the online Quilt Guild I signed up for. My points.. not so good! Next time, I need to make something like this, I think I will use the templates from Studio 180 to make my Flying Geese. They will be far more accurate! Yes, I could and maybe will make this over.. maybe..


I guess this block just reflects where I am at in my life right now.. things are chaotic, and not so on point! I guess that reflects the whole idea of our quilts telling a story!

Til next time!


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