Summer Doings and Goings on…


Much like my quilting.. where I just kind of go with the mood of the day, and what I will work on… my time with my Grandson is never really a planned out thing. We go with the flow and see where the time takes us. Last week, I had a serger on the table that was being worked on. While eating his lunch, he spent a lot of time observing all the various moving parts. It was an opportunity to go over the names of parts, and see what happened when you moved a lever or a knob.

From there we pulled out a Singer Sew Handy 20, that was on display in my sewing room. I went over the importance of keeping a machine cleaned and in good shape. He went about doing some cleaning, a drop of oil by the hook in the bottom, and assisted with his little hands to try to change a needle. These were marketed as children’s toys! Not so child friendly for changing needles.


We did manage to get it going and it did a very nice chain stitch… I decided that I needed to tweak things… and then it became very loopy and kept getting tangled. I will have some fine tuning to do!


It was great fun to work together on this project! For him it was all about the mechanics of the machine, and not the sewing. Perhaps he will be my go to repair guy some day?!


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