Quilted Photos


I have long been fascinated with photo quilting.  Years ago I found a book at a quilt show I was at.  The author, Tammy Bowser, was at the show and she had her quilts displayed.  I was hooked, and bought her first book.wp-1470696115629.jpg

I went through my fabric and found enough scraps to put together a small wall hanging.  Then I went through my photos and found a picture of my father that had some shadowing that would work well for this project.  This is his high school graduation picture taken in 1948.

The software that came the book helped to create the road map for the wall hanging I was about to create.  All digital pictures are created with many many pixels.  The software turns a picture that you scan in into a chart that assigns a color value to each pixel.  The suggested number for values for this technique in this book was 24 to get good results.  It works best to use a picture that has some shadowing and the picture I chose seems to fit the bill pretty well.  I scanned the picture and created my chart.  The fabric I chose was different values of tans to dark brown.  I cut the fabric into 1 inch squares.  The chart that was created let me know how many of each value I would need.  I then ironed them down onto gridded fusible interfacing.  It was easy to then sew the seams with no shifting and viola, I had a picture of my dad. When you view it up close it just looks like a mess of squares,  but when you step back a ways the picture comes into view.

You can check out her web site at www.quiltedphotocom  I think I am going to order her newest book and see where it takes me!



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