Where’d the Quiltin’ Mojo Go?


I am sure it is around somewhere! Just haven’t been able to really put my finger on it for most of the summer! My sewing room appears as though I have been busy… Piles of fabrics with a slight resemblance of order. Some quilting, and some garment.

There are projects. Many. Many started projects. How is it that sometimes I forget that I have all of that going on, and then start a new one? Some projects are better than 90% as far as the piecing of the quilt top. I pretty much like the ones that I have started. But I can easily think of 4 projects that are at this same point. A couple of them just require simple assembly. A couple of others require a little more effort…. like adding a special border or piecing in some triangles that require a “Y Seam”.  A “Y Seam” is nothing new here to me – (See the tutorial  under that tab) I  just need to take the time and do it!

In the works still:

The 60’s Quilt,

The strip quilt (using the 120 degree ruler)

A Christmas Quilt

A Kaleidoscope Quilt

And a One Block Wonder

(and more parts here and there as well)



Out of Control! This girl needs to have some finishes happen! I don’t really need to create any bed quilts at this time for any specific purpose, so need to start making some finishing magic happen. Perhaps just listing a few here will make me more accountable.

In another state… my niece Diana, seems to have caught a bit of a quilting bug! She just finished piecing her first quilt – a Jelly Roll Strip Quilt. As of yesterday, she had been eyeing a Disappearing Nine Patch! This aunt couldn’t be more pleased! Another one sucked in!

Here’s hoping I can dive back in soon!


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