Ties That Bind


Sometimes there is a common interest that helps keep a group of old friends tied together.  When it comes to the special friends that I spent the weekend with, it goes well beyond that. Our beginning many years ago was when we all worked together. At the lunch table we had shared our lives, the everyday frustrations, joys and sorrows. We would laugh uncontrollably until we shed tears. Over time, my three compadres retired and moved on to another phase of their lives. Of course we remain in touch and infrequently gather together for the occasional meal or weekend together. When we have this opportunity, we start with a toast to old friends…


a countertop filled with goodies…


a bit of shopping…



and for me a special purchase…

20160820_164721-1.jpg20160821_105328-1.jpg           20160821_105406.jpg

From the moment I saw and touched this quilt, it spoke to me. Lots of wonderful 1930’s scraps and perhaps some plaid shirts were hand stitched into this scrappy goodness. There is a bit of wear that I am hoping to mend in a way that doesn’t take away from the worn and well loved feel of the quilt. Imperfect stitches and random placement of scraps hold great appeal to me. I want to know the story… who lovingly stitched this in their spare moments? Who curled up under this at night?

After our shopping venture we came back together around the table. My new/old quilt purchase covered the table top. We all looked at it.. the stitches, the wear, the placement of the colors. We wondered about it’s creator(s)? Just maybe a group of friends gathered together to quilt, share their everyday, and stitch together great memories? Perhaps.

Our weekend drew to a close, and again we had shared our lives with talk of our families and friends, current events, and memories from our past. Sometimes each of us might be a bit frayed and worn when we come together. Conversation and laughter, mint chocolate chip ice cream (that would have made The Golden Girls scurry to the table), proved to be a mending for the soul.


Thanks Carolyn and Pam, and Doris (who might just be a Luddite!)

You ladies are a stitch!



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  1. Sometimes I truly wish I enjoyed REAL sewing! It would be fun to make a small quilted piece using pieces of clothing belonging to friends. Can you imagine what might come together?! This was a great weekend – with more in the future!


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