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You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling..


Woah, that lovin’ feeling…

Well not really! The love of quilting is not even remotely gone. Things (meaning quilting) have had to take a back seat to life, family, home improvements and so on. Little blocks of time are not always conducive to getting in the groove with getting at quilting. Sometimes, I need to become immersed in something completely. Tiny little windows of time, after an early wake up, and a full day of work, leave me way too tired to focus. A day, a workshop, a quilt show are things that might get me going again. I really want and need to get back in the proverbial saddle again. Like Luanne posted, we attended a quilt guild meeting Wednesday night that we both thoroughly enjoyed. Hopefully the enthusiasm will stick and we will once again become motivated.

So, back to what we were originally planning to be a round robin…

It all starts here with a panel that we picked up at the Madison Quilt Show in 2015:


We decided that these panels were going to be the jumping off point for a round robin. Rules: Yes! We would each have a constant fabric throughout. We would come up with ideas for each round to follow. Originally, we were going to pass these back and forth, and work on each others… then decided that we would work on our own pieces this time, but we would alternate who decided on what the next rounds rules would be.

Rule for First Round:


Adding machine tape!

Sew scraps on to the paper tape for the first round of borders. I like to chain 2 at a time. In and amongst mine, I threw in some selvedge edges that I have been squirreling away. After sewing on all the scraps, we trim them up, remove the paper and then they become the borders.











For mine I added an additional border on the bottom and right sides. This makes the panel off center! I like to “BEND THE RULES”! Who knows? It might add some visual interest.

So, this is where it has landed so far:

What about yours Luanne? Please post it!


The next round, Luanne determined that the round should include curves. No other parameters.. just curves! I made one attempt… and was not pleased with where it is going. Floundering a bit! Might need to stare at it or sleep on it or something!



New Inspiration


What a nice night tonight turned out to be.  Pam and I have both been so busy with work and life issues that quilting has taken a back seat lately.  The quilting mojo could not be found.  Wanting to get back to it and spark some creativity, Pam found a guild in our area and tonight was a meeting. We decided to go and check it out.  Of course before the evening meeting we did a little shopping.  I have a baby quilt to get made for a shower that is coming up and nothing in my stash seemed right.  Off to the quilt shop we went.  After trying different combinations I found some fabric that I think will work nicely.  I will post a picture when it is complete.  Then off to dinner we went, followed with, yes more shopping as we had some time to kill before the meeting.  As we arrived we met another woman who was checking out the guild, so we all went in together.  It ended up there were about four new people there tonight and we all sat together at a table with some other fun ladies.  I have been quilting for about 30 years and have not really ever been a part of a guild. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The women were friendly and it seems they do a lot of community service, which I will enjoy becoming a part of.  The show and tell at the end of the evening was inspiring and I do feel the desire to get back into my sewing room and digging in to some projects.  Hopefully soon I will have some pictures to post soon as this energy gets put into action!


Busy… but no quilting results these days! 


The both of us. ..plodding along as the last days of summer have come to a close.  We have been caught up with family and projects. The common complaint from both of us has been a lack of quilting mojo!

What ever are we to do? Start a new joint project! Shortly we will have some results on a Round Robin we will be starting,  as well as how we approach it.  

Until then..