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Joining a Quilt Guild!



Neither of us have been members of a guild in forever. We are not your typical guild material. Rules.. not always.. Our schedules are busy, and let’s face it, we love and appreciate the fellowship of fellow quilters, but aren’t really looking to add more work to the mix.

We found a group in our area called “Ties That Bind Quilt Guild” As it turns out, it is in between my house and Luanne’s. Based on their Facebook page, they did not appear to be heavy in the rules or expectations department. Perfect. They meet at a church once a month, and we thought we would give it a try. We were most certainly warmly greeted. The agenda is simple with reports from members that do charity work, a treasurers report, fun activities, a local shop reports on classes and new items, and of course a snack. The evening concludes with some spectacular show and tell. It is great fun to get new ideas and see what people are working on.

Luanne and I brought our Collaboration Quilts for show and tell to the October meeting… and here we are:



We are both still so pleased with how they turned out! Great friendship quilts!



Simply Inspired!


Sometimes, I will see a quilt and it just catches me and hooks me in. This quilt is fairly simple, but it’s bright colors called to me!  Sadly I don’t know the creator, but found saw this online and was inspired!


Initially I had figured on using up scraps from my scrap bin. No go. I needed a lot of 5 1/2″ squares and 3″ squares to make the flying geese units. There are a lot of irregular and little scraps in my bin!! I make my flying geese using The Wing Clipper tool by Studio 180.


I went looking into my stash and had a grouping (or a theme) of fabrics all together. Bicycles and coordinating prints. I dug through and found a few others that matched up as well. A solid black will look great for the sides of the geese. And I just may use up my black squares well before I use up the others…

20161109_191704.jpg                                                                20161109_191707.jpg20161110_211004.jpg

5 1/2″ squares with the 3″ squares on top


Marking my sewing lines using the Quilters Wand:


The beauty of the wing clipper ruler is the that after the units are sewn and cut (in a 2 step process), then the final trim happens. There is wiggle room using this tool! A little extra fabric (very little) goes into the making of the units, but gets trimmed away at the end. It helps me to make much more precise units!


20161110_210931.jpg  20161110_210944.jpg

140 Units completed! And many more in the works!

And here we have a super 5 year old who just got an erector set – just like Papa used to have when he was a boy!  We knew this type of toy would foster his creativity and further encourage his mechanical skills. He loved it!


And a “Super Moon” at 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon!



An upcoming vacation fostered my need for this caftan…


But it is way too big! I have trimmed it down, and could not let the extra fabric go to waste. Next time I will show you what that “extra” inspired.

Enjoy the day!


Finishing and Scrap Sewing!


There has not been a great deal of sewing time in my world. It has taken a back seat to piles of mud and gravel and cement! All of those good things, and we are getting close to a final result. On the home front, we have our porch poured and  just have the finishing details to finish.


I did also get to finishing 3 – that’s right 3 quilting projects that were oh so close… and when I am saying finish here… I just mean piecing the tops! They all still need quilting and binding. In that department, I am hopeful that in a few weeks, I can bring that to the top of the list – along side Christmas prep! LOL!


First off, I finished piecing this quilt – that I don’t really have a picture of the top all finished. The finish on this one was a bit tricky. I had pieced four of the stars, and joined all of that together. In the end I was left to figure out the corner pieces – and a gap at the top and bottom that needed to be filled with a triangle at an angle different from the 120 degrees that I had used for the rest of the quilt. I did that by laying the quilt flat, then taking tracing paper and placing it under where I needed to fill in. I marked the 3 points of my triangle as a guide. Then created a template that included at 1/4″ seam allowance (with extra on the bottom edge). I then cut and sewed in the pieces. Voila!

My next finish was this Christmas quilt. I had started by sewing together some leftover scraps from another project. I had used my Accuquilt Go for the cutting of the blocks. Somewhere along the line I realized that I had this center panel, and as it turns out it coordinated well with the blocks. Simple holiday throw.


Then, I sewed together the blocks for what will be a table center for my dining room table. The room itself is painted gray and kind of a teal with gray tones in it. Soothing really. I wanted this table piece to be easy on the eyes and not so bright like a lot of the things I make.


This is not a quilting finish, but the fabric used for this sweater has quilt like pieces in it! I had picked up the fabric in Seattle, and am pleased with the outcome of this project.


Scraps… are my therapy! When I have been busy… and not quilting enough… I get a bit antsy… So this bin of scraps calls out to me…


I feel compelled to just start sewing things together….even tiny little bits…

I started by cutting out gray pieces using this crazy quilt template from Missouri Star Quilt Company.


Then I proceed to adding on strips, working my way around the center in a clockwise direction.


When it was big enough I used my Tri Recs ruler to cut out the triangles. My plan is to make two pillow covers for use on my bed. These are possible layouts.


The strips I plan to use, are also scraps pieced together in a row, and then cut in to 1″ strips.

With strips through the center? OR Strips as a border?

We shall see what direction this goes…

Till next time,