Finishing and Scrap Sewing!


There has not been a great deal of sewing time in my world. It has taken a back seat to piles of mud and gravel and cement! All of those good things, and we are getting close to a final result. On the home front, we have our porch poured and  just have the finishing details to finish.


I did also get to finishing 3 – that’s right 3 quilting projects that were oh so close… and when I am saying finish here… I just mean piecing the tops! They all still need quilting and binding. In that department, I am hopeful that in a few weeks, I can bring that to the top of the list – along side Christmas prep! LOL!


First off, I finished piecing this quilt – that I don’t really have a picture of the top all finished. The finish on this one was a bit tricky. I had pieced four of the stars, and joined all of that together. In the end I was left to figure out the corner pieces – and a gap at the top and bottom that needed to be filled with a triangle at an angle different from the 120 degrees that I had used for the rest of the quilt. I did that by laying the quilt flat, then taking tracing paper and placing it under where I needed to fill in. I marked the 3 points of my triangle as a guide. Then created a template that included at 1/4″ seam allowance (with extra on the bottom edge). I then cut and sewed in the pieces. Voila!

My next finish was this Christmas quilt. I had started by sewing together some leftover scraps from another project. I had used my Accuquilt Go for the cutting of the blocks. Somewhere along the line I realized that I had this center panel, and as it turns out it coordinated well with the blocks. Simple holiday throw.


Then, I sewed together the blocks for what will be a table center for my dining room table. The room itself is painted gray and kind of a teal with gray tones in it. Soothing really. I wanted this table piece to be easy on the eyes and not so bright like a lot of the things I make.


This is not a quilting finish, but the fabric used for this sweater has quilt like pieces in it! I had picked up the fabric in Seattle, and am pleased with the outcome of this project.


Scraps… are my therapy! When I have been busy… and not quilting enough… I get a bit antsy… So this bin of scraps calls out to me…


I feel compelled to just start sewing things together….even tiny little bits…

I started by cutting out gray pieces using this crazy quilt template from Missouri Star Quilt Company.


Then I proceed to adding on strips, working my way around the center in a clockwise direction.


When it was big enough I used my Tri Recs ruler to cut out the triangles. My plan is to make two pillow covers for use on my bed. These are possible layouts.


The strips I plan to use, are also scraps pieced together in a row, and then cut in to 1″ strips.

With strips through the center? OR Strips as a border?

We shall see what direction this goes…

Till next time,


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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. The transformation of your entryway is incredible. WOW . . . what a difference. Really like it. Oh, and the quilting! Forgot why I was here! Your stash is growing. You NEED to someday make it happen. And it will.


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