Simply Inspired!


Sometimes, I will see a quilt and it just catches me and hooks me in. This quilt is fairly simple, but it’s bright colors called to me!  Sadly I don’t know the creator, but found saw this online and was inspired!


Initially I had figured on using up scraps from my scrap bin. No go. I needed a lot of 5 1/2″ squares and 3″ squares to make the flying geese units. There are a lot of irregular and little scraps in my bin!! I make my flying geese using The Wing Clipper tool by Studio 180.


I went looking into my stash and had a grouping (or a theme) of fabrics all together. Bicycles and coordinating prints. I dug through and found a few others that matched up as well. A solid black will look great for the sides of the geese. And I just may use up my black squares well before I use up the others…

20161109_191704.jpg                                                                20161109_191707.jpg20161110_211004.jpg

5 1/2″ squares with the 3″ squares on top


Marking my sewing lines using the Quilters Wand:


The beauty of the wing clipper ruler is the that after the units are sewn and cut (in a 2 step process), then the final trim happens. There is wiggle room using this tool! A little extra fabric (very little) goes into the making of the units, but gets trimmed away at the end. It helps me to make much more precise units!


20161110_210931.jpg  20161110_210944.jpg

140 Units completed! And many more in the works!

And here we have a super 5 year old who just got an erector set – just like Papa used to have when he was a boy!  We knew this type of toy would foster his creativity and further encourage his mechanical skills. He loved it!


And a “Super Moon” at 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon!



An upcoming vacation fostered my need for this caftan…


But it is way too big! I have trimmed it down, and could not let the extra fabric go to waste. Next time I will show you what that “extra” inspired.

Enjoy the day!


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