Joining a Quilt Guild!



Neither of us have been members of a guild in forever. We are not your typical guild material. Rules.. not always.. Our schedules are busy, and let’s face it, we love and appreciate the fellowship of fellow quilters, but aren’t really looking to add more work to the mix.

We found a group in our area called “Ties That Bind Quilt Guild” As it turns out, it is in between my house and Luanne’s. Based on their Facebook page, they did not appear to be heavy in the rules or expectations department. Perfect. They meet at a church once a month, and we thought we would give it a try. We were most certainly warmly greeted. The agenda is simple with reports from members that do charity work, a treasurers report, fun activities, a local shop reports on classes and new items, and of course a snack. The evening concludes with some spectacular show and tell. It is great fun to get new ideas and see what people are working on.

Luanne and I brought our Collaboration Quilts for show and tell to the October meeting… and here we are:



We are both still so pleased with how they turned out! Great friendship quilts!



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