Splendidly Late to This Party


While I am constantly looking at all kinds of great quilt inspiration on the webs, sometimes I miss out on something going on… In this case it is the Splendid Sampler put together by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson. These ladies organized many talented designers to create 100+ six inch blocks to create a beautiful sampler. Since February of 2016, each week 2 new blocks are released and available for download. Next year, a book will be released with all of the blocks. So, as I indicated, I am late to starting, but am enjoying the challenges that each new block brings. Some of the techniques are not my favorites… but I will persevere, and perhaps even begin to like and be better at some of them!

In the last couple of days I have managed to put together 6 new blocks. Working with small piecing provides it’s own challenges, and the 6 inch blocks can be pretty involved. So, here they are in order:



20161129_224432.jpg20161130_144133.jpg20161130_160732.jpg20161130_183248.jpg20161130_213132.jpg20161130_213502.jpg         20161129_204631.jpg

Aside from that, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and here is a small glimpse of what I did…

20161122_173954.jpg          20161122_114302.jpg

A cruise to Cabo San Lucas… and some time in CA with this cute little boy!


Go check out the Splendid Sampler at the site, on Pinterest and Instagram. You will be inspired by the great variety of colors and patterns! 84 blocks have already been released out of the 100. So, I only have 94 more to do!


Enjoy the day,




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