Shenanigans and More…


The More…

I had started a project for some pillow covers a few weeks back. Now I am at the point where I just need to come up with a backing and finish these.


The old pillows were made from grain sacks that I bought some time ago. While I still like them, it is time for a bit of a change.


So here’s what they look like now..


Also, I had seen this quilt, and wrote about it in my Simply Inspired post.


Using my Wing Clipper template from Studio 180, I continue to make slow and steady progress. I am actually up to 250 pieced flying geese units.


So, my only issue with this may be that I might not be able to find a black that is a close enough match to what I am already using. I have used every bit up for the smaller squares. I am pretty sure that I will still have a lot of the larger printed squares left in the end. So, I should put a swatch in my purse and try to find a good match. After looking back at my inspiration, I may actually go with a blue in between my rows. No specific size in mind for this quilt. And I may not even go with the design that was a part of my original inspiration. I always wait to see where a piece goes. When I see a quilt that inspires me, it is sometimes just the jumping off point.


The Shenanigans…

A young boy wondered what St. Nick would do this year… in light of the fact that a big dinosaur showed up in his yard last year.



So, last night, there were two not so stealthy elves who got caught helping St. Nick… They got the last inflatable “elf on the shelf” , down from the shelf with the help of an elf.



Then the stealth elves (me and the old man) drove over and parked down the block from the boy’s house. By flashlight, we prepared… to install said elf from the shelf next to the dinosaur with the elves riding on it’s back. The big dog Archer could be seen… keeping watch through the curtains, and even barking at the lady who ended up on the wrong block. They paused for a bit, until the dog settled down, and then crept up to the house. The big dinosaur had to be unplugged for a moment, then re inflated. Elf on the shelf was added in to the electric. One stake into the ground, two stakes into the ground… and then, big dog’s head appeared through the curtain… Then son-in-law’s head appeared… through the curtain. The curtain very quickly closed. Stealth elves, quickly added the final two stakes, whilst the curtains rustled and Mom and Dad’s eyes peeked out. Elves dashed quickly down the block… into a waiting getaway vehicle. Backed away.. without lights. And then a boy was surprised to see the “elf on the shelf” looking at him from the yard!


I never want to be too old to commit random acts of shenanigans!

Elf Pam


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