A Great Weekend…


without sewing? How can that be?

Time with Family and time to prepare a bit for the holidays.


My husband and grandson spotted how our newspaper was delivered on Saturday.. With LOVE! I am sure that the delivery person had no idea that they left behind this pattern behind, but thank you!! How random was that?

We had just a light dusting of snow…


and tiny footprints on the porch.

A visit with Santa:


Along with a movie and pizza. Fun day!

Who knew that there really is power in a cheesehead?


The list is always long of the things we should do, or feel like we have to do for Christmas. While I don’t feel as behind as I have in the past, progress has felt slow. I would like to finish a few things off, get my house clean and then sew or relax!! We will see how that goes. In the meantime, I did get most gifts wrapped, and a small tree up. This year I went with a baking theme on a little white 2 foot tree.


All placed on top of a parlor cabinet for a treadle sewing machine. My goal is to figure this out next year!!



Already looking forward to next year’s ventures!


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