2017, A New Year Begins…


but sometimes you need to take a look back…


The two ladies in the front are mine and Luanne’s Moms. They were quilting together on a church quilt. After my Mom had passed I came across this picture, and thought how neat it was that a moment captured years ago somehow continues on through Luanne and I. Generally, we don’t hand quilt, but do quilt together! Barb and Millie both shared a love for quilting and fabric. We both treasure the various parts left to us, the scissors, rotary cutters and blocks. We have often talked about how we think they would be proud of our work, and what fun it would have been to be quilting and shopping with them! So very grateful that they passed this legacy on to us!

This is what a new year looks like so far for me:

Splendid Sampler Blocks…


Really liked this one:


Love the colors and the fact that this block includes both a Downton Abbey fabric as well as a Hoffmann Challenge Fabric!

And here’s another one that also includes both of them again:


coming soon… a new ironing station for my sewing room. Much more portable than one I have, and can be folded down to take up less space.



Additionally I purchased some Kaffe Fasett gray flannel grid fabric to create a much needed design wall. I have missed not having one!

The potential of this…?????? 20170108_125710.jpg

These strips are about 1/2″ wide and will be perfect for something!

And the general chaos that happens in my home…


Planning to create new memories in 2017! Along with some quilt finishes!


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