January – almost in the rear view mirror!


Where has the month gone? Not much sewing and no finishes so far!

Early in the month I made a decision to fly out to California for a week. My daughter Sarah and her family were moving into a new home and needed some assistance. And so off I went. Moving is well… chaotic! A lot of time is spent trying to remember what box something was placed in. Preparations at both the new old house are a must as well. Painting, touch-ups, cleaning and more!


And then there was this guy…


He was a blast! And a pleasure! And oh so busy!!

The two of us had some adventures together.. from the Kid’s Gym, Gymnastics, Pretend City and more!

Lots of things were accomplished in a short period of time, but they had a lot to unpack after I left!

Once I got caught up a bit on sleep, I started in on an already planned project. My sewing room needed a bit of attention.

  1. I don’t have a design wall – I have the parts and a plan… so looking forward to getting this done. Parts: copper pipe, Kaffe Fassett gray flannel design wall fabric, dowels, and curtain rings with clips. Planning to weight the bottom somehow.
  2. The closet – wow! This is a place that I have always just stashed whatever, however. Many things have been kept simply because there has been room. My plan is to take the mirrored bi-fold doors off, and to thoroughly go through everything. All items must either end up in a basket, bin, drawer or box! I am about 80% done going through and organizing this. I have one shelf to be added yet.
  3. Ironing Station – For the last few years I have used an old dresser that I purchased at the Goodwill. I had painted it, and initially the primary use for it was storage. Over time, I started quilting, and the top became my ironing surface by adding a layer of a quilted fabric to the top.
  4. Non-related items: Well, they needed to go! I have moved out a treadle machine cabinet/desk. This has found a new purpose to hold my printer and necessary items for paying bills and correspondence in another room. Small bookcase – off to second hand store. Scrapbooking, weaving and yarn.. off to bins in the basement. The spinning wheel gets to stay, as it is convenient to keep nearby with a bit of roving. A couple of bags for Goodwill, and a couple for trash!

Here are a couple of shots of the chaos and the slow progress…20170123_180637.jpg



and then ever so slowly, some progress starts to happen. Things are finding homes in a way that makes sense.


Clearly, I have a ways to go, but looking forward to a better functioning room!

Onward and Upward!




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