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Lot of Sewing, No finishes, and Few Pictures…


I took my Zen Doodle class at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum with Laura Wasilewski. What a treat! More than anything, I learned a lot of things about applique. For a few years I had worked for a company where I marked the fabric, cut the pieces and placed them to be appliqued. The techniques were different, as much of that was for garments, and this class was more about art quilts. I learned everyday practical stuff for working on my own applique projects.

We started our class with a couple of pieces of her beautiful hand dyed fabrics. These were great fun to work with. She showed us her methods of putting the applique together and transferring a design to make our pattern pieces. The creations were of our own design, even though she has quite a library of patterns.

My piece started out here…


and after some playtime on the next day, this is where I ended up…


Since then I have fused this to a background and have started embroidery with some of Laura’s hand dyed threads.  It has been awhile since I embroidered anything, so I purchased a book by Christen Brown with numerous stitches for my Kindle..

This last Saturday was the Winter Quilt Show in West Bend. I was quite excited to get there, but faced a bit of a delay on the icy winter roads. What you don’t see is that next to that pole by the driver’s side door is the culvert (with a 2-3 foot drop) that I missed! Grateful am I! No damage to me or the car.


When you live in the country, generally there are a lot of pick up trucks with chains, and I was fortunate enough to be rescued by a neighbor rather quickly, and wasn’t too late getting to the quilt show! Of course I went!

Of course a few treasures went home with me… fabrics that called out, backing for a baby quilt, a pincushion tuffet kit, and technique sheets for my Studio 180 Lemoyne Star template. It was great fun to run into friends and fellow guild members.

Sewing on, Pam


Random Tuesday


After a busy and productive weekend, I must confess to feeling a bit run down. Here are a couple of things going on, and some other random thoughts…

Must have t-shirt


Yes, I ordered it! This company has some fun shirts, and have a quite a few for sewists and quilters, amongst others. It is a family owned business – he, a designer and she, a quilter. They were also available in a V-neck which I prefer!


Saturday sewing with my daughter-in-law Heather. She had purchased some wonderful movie monster fabric about three years ago when we were on Bainbridge Island at Esther’s Fabrics. She purchased it with the intent of making pillows. She did a great job!! She had not sewn in a long time on the machine her mom gave her in High School. We got it cleaned, oiled and adjusted and off she went. She just needed a bit of guidance, and even said that she thought it was relaxing. I am sure it had nothing to do with this:


I finished piecing a quilt top for my Grand daughter who will be born in March. Now onto the applique and finishing. *Note- I will post the quilt after she is born, as I want her Mom to be surprised!

Luanne and I are slowly plugging away at our Splendid Sampler blocks, but are in in no hurry to get them done. Yesterday the 100th Block was revealed. I think I am at 15 and Luanne at 7 or 8… No rush!

My scrap bin overfloweth!! 20160504_113819.jpg

When that happens I do try to weed out some of the larger pieces. I put them through the Accuquilt Go,  using the apple core die. At some time, I will have a very scrappy Apple Core Quilt.


Tomorrow is another Ties that Bind Quilt Guild Meeting. Looking forward to it for sure.

And I do have to spend a little time gathering supplies for a class at Wisconsin Quilt Museum. I am taking a Zen Doodle Quilting Class. Love Zentangle Designs, so it will be nice to combine that with my quilting. Never hurts to learn some new techniques!

Must carry on! And Happy Valentines Day!!




I Was Inspired…


I was inspired…

by a good sister friend! Luanne talked about last Saturday’s sewing day. My dear friend Debbie T. came along for the ride. She had a variety of projects to work at… but one of my favorites that she makes are these wee little baskets. She uses narrow strips of fabric wrapped around cotton clothesline. They are then zig zag stitched to hold them together. These baskets are great to hold trinkets, business cards, jewelry and even soap.

Here is Debbie and some of her work:





She turned these little guys out pretty quickly, and even earned the title as an “over achiever”!

She was also kind enough to gift some of these baskets! Me included. I love homemade treasures!

So, on Sunday… wouldn’t you know, this bundle of scraps called out to me…


These projects are great fun, go fairly quickly and have many purposes. I turned the entire bundle into useful items for at my sewing table.


That bundle turned into a mug rug/placemat, a bowl, a coaster and a candle mat! This is fabric that most people would have thrown away. I found these in a scrap bin at a quilt shop. They were scraps by the pound, and I just could not leave them behind. So glad I didn’t!

Not only was Saturday sewing a lot of fun, it got me inspired to do something different!



Sewing Saturday


A group of women spending the day sewing together is what I call a great day! A new group has come together at my church for the sole purpose of spending time together working on whatever quilting project we have going.  There is always someone around to bounce ideas off of, to encourage each other, and to help new quilters on the beginning of their journey into the quilt world.  I am very much looking forward to getting to know each of these wonderful women better and share ideas as we meet together each month.  

Now it’s late and I am beat from such a busy day.  I’ll post soon showing you what I have been up to in my sewingroom.  


Progress Has Happened


My organizing has seemed to go at a snail’s pace… In my head I was just going to clean out a closet. In reality, I took out a large dresser, a Treadle Sewing Machine cabinet, and a small bookcase. And many other miscellaneous items that did not belong. Plus at least 2 bags of garbage and at least 3 bags for donation!

Now there is just some fine tuning to be done!

I went from this…


to this…


The closet doors had to come off!


I had left them on for years as they did cover a multitude of sins. So many items that no longer belonged in the room.

And this is where things are now:



Some labels would be helpful, but even so, I am now able to find random items with a lot less guesswork!

After all of that, I wanted and needed a design wall. I used these items:

Kaffee Fassett gray flannel design wall fabric, copper pipe, curtain rings with clips.



And yet this is the item that needs the most fine tuning. It is a little too long, so I will hem it from the top, as there is a nice rod pocket in place on the bottom. I need to pick up some  dowels or something to put in the rod pockets. I also need to find a way to make the curtain more taut. Things want to fall off right now. I did add some Velcro on the bottom rod pocket so that I can attach weights. At the top, I need to find some kind of a stop so that the curtain rings will not move on the rod from side to side. Fine tuning.

All in all, I am so pleased to have this feature in my room. For me, a design wall is an integral part of my process. I like to be able to put my work up, and really look it over. Even when I walk past the room, I can now see this, and inspiration comes to me on what the next step may be.

I have now pulled out all of the flying geese units I made, and am plugging away on them on the design wall.


Here’s to Progress!