Progress Has Happened


My organizing has seemed to go at a snail’s pace… In my head I was just going to clean out a closet. In reality, I took out a large dresser, a Treadle Sewing Machine cabinet, and a small bookcase. And many other miscellaneous items that did not belong. Plus at least 2 bags of garbage and at least 3 bags for donation!

Now there is just some fine tuning to be done!

I went from this…


to this…


The closet doors had to come off!


I had left them on for years as they did cover a multitude of sins. So many items that no longer belonged in the room.

And this is where things are now:



Some labels would be helpful, but even so, I am now able to find random items with a lot less guesswork!

After all of that, I wanted and needed a design wall. I used these items:

Kaffee Fassett gray flannel design wall fabric, copper pipe, curtain rings with clips.



And yet this is the item that needs the most fine tuning. It is a little too long, so I will hem it from the top, as there is a nice rod pocket in place on the bottom. I need to pick up some  dowels or something to put in the rod pockets. I also need to find a way to make the curtain more taut. Things want to fall off right now. I did add some Velcro on the bottom rod pocket so that I can attach weights. At the top, I need to find some kind of a stop so that the curtain rings will not move on the rod from side to side. Fine tuning.

All in all, I am so pleased to have this feature in my room. For me, a design wall is an integral part of my process. I like to be able to put my work up, and really look it over. Even when I walk past the room, I can now see this, and inspiration comes to me on what the next step may be.

I have now pulled out all of the flying geese units I made, and am plugging away on them on the design wall.


Here’s to Progress!


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