I Was Inspired…


I was inspired…

by a good sister friend! Luanne talked about last Saturday’s sewing day. My dear friend Debbie T. came along for the ride. She had a variety of projects to work at… but one of my favorites that she makes are these wee little baskets. She uses narrow strips of fabric wrapped around cotton clothesline. They are then zig zag stitched to hold them together. These baskets are great to hold trinkets, business cards, jewelry and even soap.

Here is Debbie and some of her work:





She turned these little guys out pretty quickly, and even earned the title as an “over achiever”!

She was also kind enough to gift some of these baskets! Me included. I love homemade treasures!

So, on Sunday… wouldn’t you know, this bundle of scraps called out to me…


These projects are great fun, go fairly quickly and have many purposes. I turned the entire bundle into useful items for at my sewing table.


That bundle turned into a mug rug/placemat, a bowl, a coaster and a candle mat! This is fabric that most people would have thrown away. I found these in a scrap bin at a quilt shop. They were scraps by the pound, and I just could not leave them behind. So glad I didn’t!

Not only was Saturday sewing a lot of fun, it got me inspired to do something different!



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